Roles in Insight are created within an Organisation Business Area and assigned to Stakeholders. This creates consistency in roles to enable effective reporting.

Care should be taken when deleting Roles as they will typically be connected to a number of Stakeholders.

Pre-requisite: The Business Area associated to the role must have been created before the role can be created and assigned. See Create and Manage Business Areas.

Create a new role

  1. From the Organisation dashboard, select MANAGE ORGANISATION.

  2. Select Roles.

  3. Select CREATE NEW ROLE.

  4. Complete the Role name and Choose Business Area fields

  5. Select SAVE

Update an existing role

  1. From the Roles screen, select the Ellipsis (...) at the end of the role you wish to update.

  2. Select EDIT.
    Note: You can use this same option to delete a role - you will be prompted to ensure no Stakeholders are associated to this role before deletion, but be aware that you will delete any associated links to stakeholders when a role is deleted.

  3. Update the role title or the related business area and select SAVE.

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